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New Zealand

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D'Arc Grove produces some of the finest olive oil grown in the unique soils and microclimate of Martinborough, New Zealand.   


Our Story

Kay and Peter Goldfinch's dream to live in the country and produce quality extra virgin olive oil came to fruition in the 90's and ever since they have not looked back. 

Anyone who has visited the Martinborough region will know about it's outstanding beauty, situated in a basin surrounded by mountains and carved up by rivers and lakes. It is not surprising that Kay and Peter fell in love with the region and made it their home. 

Today D'Arc Grove has about 500 olive trees, made up of a mixture of Manzanillo, Leccino, Barnea, Frantoio, South Australia Verdale and Koroneki olive varieties. The olives of the first four varieties in this list are pressed to produce the Grove Blend extra virgin olive oil. A robust oil with a pepper taste. The Koroneki are a smaller olive picked later and produces a more mild single extra olive oil that many have referred to as buttery. 

Kay and Peter are passionate about protecting the quality of their products and do not buy in olives or oil from other growers as this has the potential to compromise the product. They also ensure that their olives are cold pressed within 24 hours from picking, producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.